The Brooklyn Heights Cemetery is located in the heart of Old Brooklyn and is in one of the most accessible locations of any cemetery in the greater Cleveland area for your convenience as an owner.  Both of the cemetery entrances,  4700 Broadview Road and ​4581 State Road, are located on scheduled R.T.A. routes.  This is definitely an advantage to those of you who do not or cannot drive an automobile. ​​​​​​

The Brooklyn Heights Cemetery’s perpetual care endowment fund was established in 1947, before such funds were required by Ohio law.  Now under Ohio law, most cemeteries are required to place 10 percent of the revenue generated by lot sales and sales of mausoleum crypts and niches into a trust fund. The cemetery is allowed to use the income and interest earned by the trust fund  to offset cemetery maintenance and repair costs.

Consumers should be aware, however, that not all Ohio cemeteries are endowment care cemeteries.  Family cemeteries, and cemeteries that are owned and operated exclusively by churches, religious societies, established fraternal organizations, or the city, state or federal government, are not required to have endowment care funds. The Brooklyn Heights Cemetery’s endowment care fund provides annual income for the upkeep of the cemetery grounds and buildings, avoiding the necessity of annual assessments to lot owners and ensuring the continuous maintenance of the cemetery grounds and mausoleums both for today and for the tomorrows to come.
The Mausoleums at the Brooklyn Heights Cemetery are completely different in many respects from the average mausoleum building.  The style of architecture, color scheme and furnishings are not those usually found in a mausoleum. The cost of entombment in the mausoleum is surprisingly low and comparable to ground burial. ​​

The Cemetery Association is justly proud of its modern service facilities and Administration Building which are located at the Broadview Road entrance for convenience and to better serve you. 

Over the years many changes have transpired in the cemetery.  New gardens with religious and non-religious features have been built. Additional gardens are in the planning stage to be built in the future. 

Many different varieties of trees, flowers and shrubs have been planted and many more are planned for the future, which by their very nature project an unsurpassed aesthetic peacefulness. 

Extreme care is exercised in the planning and the development of features and beautification, so that the results may be beauty in harmony with nature and pleasing to you as an owner. 

The results of the foregoing have brought many complimentary remarks from our lot owners.  This is an incentive to improve and to administer better service in the future, so that more consolation is given to those who need it so desperately in their time of bereavement.